Advanced EO Owners Lend Support for Combat-Wounded Veterans at 2nd Annual WHOW Sportfishing Tournament

August 23, 2019
The Second Annual War Heroes on Water (WHOW) Sportfishing Tournament, held August 15-18 off the waters of Santa Catalina Island, was a big success, doubling the amount of money raised over last year’s inaugural event.

Eighteen yachts, complete with captains and crews, helped celebrate 50 combat-wounded veterans. Advanced EO owners Bruce Ferguson, John Le Blanc & Geoff Miller donated the use of their yacht, the Sea Horse, with fuel & captain, for the weekend’s tournament. Team Sea Horse was excited to have Army veterans Matthew and Enrique and U.S. Navy veteran Vincent on board. Enrique took the species award for Rockfish, and the Sea Horse took third overall for Boat Total Points!